Warlords of History

Nader (Nadir) Shah - Part 2 (From Soldier to Warlord to General)

June 29, 2022

Under the shadow of a crumbling Safavid Iranian Empire, torn apart by rebellions, foreign heavyweights and destined to fall to the Afghan Hotak dynasty in 1722, Nader is pulled into the chaotic maelstrom. Emerging from the rubble as a rogue warlord within Khorasan until a renegade Safavid prince (Tahmasp II) appears in the region, looking to regain the empire. Nader entering his service and quickly proving himself indispensable to the Iranian Shah in exile, headlined by Nader's engineering of a stunning victory over the Abdali Afghans at the Battle of Sangan in 1727.

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